Playsuit SHAKUHACHI, shoes MOLLINI, bag ALEXANDER WANG, earrings FORD AND HARRIS, watch THE HORSE So I am finally back in the block after my longest hiatus yet. Over this past month and a half, I pretty much went 100% cold turkey on the blogosphere - Sadly, I've got no intriguing or exciting excuse to make up for it - I've just been studying day in and day out for my final medical school exams. Now that they're finally done and dusted, one little bit of enlightenment I've gained from this past month is that I've got no game when it comes to multitasking! It seems I've got a bit of this 'ride or die' type methodology to life where I commit either 100% or 0% - well not so polarised but something like that. Anyway, now that I'm back I'm excited to be back to share some exciting new posts. Or not so new, as this post was shot in April, but this playsuit is kinda too good to be true to not be shared. I think I've raved about the charms of the humble short, sweet playsuit on this corner of the worldwide web, but I think this delightful Shakuhachi number deserves another one. I still hold true to the philosophy that playsuits are one of the most practical wardrobe investments. I think they definitely have the greatest flexibility in terms of occasions of wear! They can be dressed down for fun daytime frolics, dressed up with some curls, heels or red lips for night-time adventures and are so perfect for those occasions I experience too often which are borderline casual/formal and you are not sure if the occasion appropriates a dress or shorts!