September 01, 2015

Inside In, Inside Out

I'm wearing playsuit THE FITH LABEL earrings FORD AND HARRIS shoes GORMAN socks GORMAN Tasfia is wearing: dress STAPLE THE LABEL coat C/MEO COLLECTIVE shoes MOLLINI watch MARC JACOBS via WESFIELD SYDNEYsunglasses RAY BAN So i guess I am truly succeeding with flying colours in being a supremely inconsistent blogger. I tend to just convince my self that my excuses are super bonafide (this time it being that I've been at a medical students' conference for the last few days) but now I'm resolute to break my perpetual blogging hiatus, especially as I've got some neat posts up my sleeve at the moment! :D Seldom are Tas and I within the same 4000km radius, let alone int he same colour profile simultaneously. So I was a little too charmed by this prospect to not to have photographic evidence of this rare occurrence when we serendipitously decided to both sport some delightful ash hues...