September 11, 2017

In Search of Sadie

BOHEMIAN STYLE – JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK – WILD FLOWER SUPER BLOOM let’s be wildflowers, let our souls be scattered by the wind. let us grow, wild and free, tall and brave, in the places that we dream, in the places where our longings are filled. let us grow between the cracks of brokenness, and we will make everything beautiful. – Gaby Comprés here we are. and i don’t know if we understand the power of that, if we understand the wonder, the odds, the millions of seconds and everything that had to happen for us to be here. here we are, we are walking miracles, we are breathing art, we are glory and stars and grace living in a house of bones and flesh. – Gaby Comprés Photographed by Corina Brown Words by  Gaby Comprés Bohemian Dresses by Spell Designs Jewellery by The Two Bandits