Why you should switch to biodegradable glitter

January 15, 2018

In Search of Sadie

Biodegradable Glitter Eco Sustainable Conscious Festival make up shimmer Glitter is fun, glitter is great, it brings joy and makes people happy (I know it makes me happy!) plus it’s the perfect festival accessory.  HOWEVER there is a downfall……. glitter is actually teeny tiny pieces of plastic that end up on the ocean and the earth! Lucky for all of us glitter lovers this Festival Season we can opt for Biodegradable glitter! Still 100% as fun with 0% harm to mother nature….. Yay! Just incase you guys didn’t already know, plastic actually never breaks down, it just turns into smaller pieces of micro plastic, which is pretty bad news for mother earth.  Glitter is already micro plastic and ends up getting washed into the ocean and consumed by fish and other tiny organisms causing big problems for marine life, and, consequently human life. There’s already 8 million tonnes of plastic already ending up in the ocean everyday…. Micro plastics is just another type of plastic we can easy avoid using! Opting for Eco-glitter which is made from biodegradable materials and plant matter actually get muted up by micro-organisms that live in the soil and in the ocean. Where to find eco-glitter? Check out these online stores! AUSTRALIA / NZ: The Glitter Tribe  USA: Glo Tats UK: Eco Stardust Photographed by Bliss Katherine