August 15, 2017

In Search of Sadie

the bare road byron bay australian fashion label designer online in search of sadie blog model bliss katherine photographs style THE BARE ROAD On a sunny afternoon in Malibu California, Bliss and I set out down the Pacific Coast Highway to find a place to explore, to walk along the waters edge until we couldn’t see any others around anymore.  We set out to find a place, a place to connect, to create.  And that we did.  Here we found peace, here we found calm & here we cooled off in the icy pacific ocean.  Feeling awake, feeling alive and feeling that what ever was before and what ever would happen after, everything would be ok.   Together we created a story, the story of The Bare Road…      Photographed by Bliss Katherine All clothing by The Bare Road Wearing: Look 1: Georgia Striped Shirt Dress Look 2:  Khaki playsuit (coming soon) Look 3: Manhattan Striped Tee  & Austin Beige Shorts  Look 4: Manhattan Striped Dungaree Look 5: Santana Black Swimsuit