SYMBIOSIS GATHERING – music & arts festival

October 02, 2016

In Search of Sadie

Symbiosis Gathering Music Festival California Festival Fashion Style I spent this last weekend at my first ever Symbiosis Gathering, a transient playground at Woodward Reservoir in Northern California.  Set on the land of the central sierra mewuk people who humbly welcomed the festival, Symbiosis Gathering placed elemental altars to celebrate and honour the native land on which we stood.  Recognising the special privilege of being able to attend this gathering, we were able to create passages that transform all that we received here, we were able to create openings and give back in kindness to something greater than us.    The Symbiosis festival did exactly what it intended, it created a space for everyone who attended, from all ages to all walks of life.  The festival generated timeless moments and  journeys which were truely inspirational.  A fusion of  visual aesthetics, interactive art, a transformational experiences through learning, healing, community and dance fuelled our four day experience.       Festival culture is more than just a party, transitional festivals like Symbiosis Gathering create a place for deepening education and spiritual learning and an opportunity to connect.  I was able to connect with nature, visual and audio sensations and with people I would have never crossed paths with otherwise.  The festival offered something for everyone from water blessings to mediations, yoga, holistic healing, tea ceremonies, interactive installations to contemporary art.  We could sip on botanical elixers, watch circus performances or  dance our hearts out to ecstatic techno and deep house. As we left the camp grounds on the first morning of the festival, our surroundings seemed like a mirage, an optical phenomenon of ectopic objects and neon art structures reflecting on the water that encompassed us.  The water element of the festival characterised it from the other festivals I have attended before, it allowed us to connect in a deeper way.  As humans we are mostly water-based, our entire being already resonates with water.  Once we recognised this more intimately this water element soaked us with love.  Metaphysically we were surrounded with compassion, insight, healing and community.  As the sunset each day we were surrounding by pastel skies and soft hues, and as the moon rose the water became like a mirror, reflecting everything we could see on the surface in ripples that twist and turn and shimmer,  something we wouldn’t quite comprehend.        The music of the festival resonated with us, the human spirit vibrates to sound, as sound waves are produced through water.  Music is the heart of humanity, it’s the song of the soul and it’s a powerful drug that allows us to reach states of ecstasy.  Music is the connection because our spirituality and of our essence, creating a framework to our world. “Water is the driving force of all nature.” Leonardo da Vinci Water is more than just an element that we need to survive; It is an element that significantly defines our physiological existence. Water moves within our cells, our blood, and our bones, and not only gives and sustains life- It IS life. This is Symbiosis. This collection of images snapped by wonderful friends that made up my festival gang Corina Brown, Zander Price & Mimi Elashiry Listen to some of the sweet tunes we heard at the festival by artists like Bedouin, Opiou & Oh Wonder on Symbiosis’s band camp here. For all outfit credits, please head to my Instagram (@nataschaelisa) and click on the tap tags! Love & Light Natascha Elisa x x