Sustainable Festival Life | Rainbow Serpent

January 31, 2018

In Search of Sadie

Festivals enable us to grow and learn through music, dance, workshops, art and human connection. They strengthen us as a community to care and support each other. Here we celebrate life, personal growth, social responsibility and creative expression. Here we learn to care for both each other and the land we are lucky enough to be on. It is our responsibility to leave the land the same way we found it. To respect mother earth and the original custodians of the land by respecting the grounds we are using throughout the festival days. It takes a few small and easy steps to make sure you leave no trace and live a sustainable festival life.  Recently I attended Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia, I took notes and documented along the way, the ways in which the festival and myself as a festival go-er was contributing to sustainability, I have created for you a simple step by step list to show you how easy it is to be eco friendly, have a sustainable festival experience and still enjoy that festival life! HOW TO HAVE A SUSTAINABLE FESTIVAL AND BE ECO FRIENDLY:  Follow these easy steps! Step One: Shop sustainably when you are preparing your fun festival looks, opt for Eco-conscious brands & second hand clothing. For Rainbow Serpent Festival I wore looks made from organic cotton and recycled waste via Arnhem Clothing together with vintage pieces from Trash Byron Bay, almost everything else I wore was a mixture of second hand thrift store finds and hand-me-downs Step Two: Bring a reusable water bottle, clip it it to your belt or bag, dance profusely, hydrate, refill, repeat.  I use this stainless steel water bottle, it keeps my water cold for up to 24 hours. The good thing about a reusable water bottle is A. you don’t use a bunch of plastic everytime you use a plastic water bottle. 2. You save money because you aren’t buying water, you are refilling it from the taps and water refill stations.  3. You always have water handy and you remember to hydrate, which leads to a better festival experience! Step Three: Bring a reusable cup, this can be an eco-cup, keep-cup or even a camping mug. If you’re drinking coffee in the morning, juice, beer or mixed drink – what ever you’re into, at any time of the day, simply use your reusable cup! Just rinse between uses and it’s good for all beverage choices. Step Five: Do the dance floor trash pic up. Unfortunately not all festival goers are as mindful as you. Be the change you wish to see – set a good example. Make it a game with your friends, stop & booty drop to pick up rubbish you find on the dance door. Make it a habit to grab as much as you can in a handful when you enter or leave the grounds. Make it a game – who can grab the most in one track wins. Who knew picking up rubbish could be fun! Plus, stomping on squished cans and water bottles ain’t premium dancing conditions. Scroll down for extra ways to be an sustainable festival eco warrior! All outfit details at the end!   EXTRA WAYS TO BE AN ECO WARRIOR! Keep your camp tidy and sort recycling (In this case, rainbow provided bags, you can always bring your own) sort plastics, cans, papers & computable food scraps.   (take note, soft plastics like ice bags are recyclable) Bring your trash bag home (leave no trace) If the festival doesn’t provide recycling and proper waste disposal systems, simply take your trash with you and do it at home, at the end of the day, you brought it so you have space to take it home again. Say NO to glitter (unless it’s Bio!) regular glitter is tiny tiny pieces of plastic that are majorly harmful to the environment (read more here!) Don’t wear feathers or stick on gemstones (these get lost on the dance floor, trust me you won’t find them) For those smokers out there, don’t be a butt with your cigarette butts, bring a Cigarette Tube to collect your butts & dispose of responsibly. If there are swimming opportunities at the festival, don’t wear chemical sunscreens / lotions or use  any non-natural soap, this will poison the water (it is often linked to drinking water) it will also harm the living creatures in the water. At lastly, it’s a great idea to camp with like minded friends!  Together you will keep your campsite green sort & drop recycling. Stop on the dance floor & pick up rubbish together when you see it throughout the festival.  You will rub off on your other friends & you can become an eco dream team! You can have fun and still be kind to the planet.  Most Photographs by Carlos Walters Wearing: (click for shop links) Look 1: Top via Trash Vintage Bottoms by Arnhem Vegan Boots by Doc Martins Look 2:  Vintage Scarf Swimsuit by Arnhem  Body Chain via Trash Vintage Eco Water Bottle by S’well Boots by ROC Belt by Kink Creations (email and request vegan version!) Look 3:  Vintage Cowgirl Hat Eco Swim suit top & Organic Cotton shorts by Arnhem Vintage Boots Eco- friendly Keep Cup by Oasis Look 4: Vintage sunglasses & Vintage bag Swimsuit by Arnhem (coming soon) Vintage top