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August 17, 2017

In Search of Sadie

frank body scrub natural skincare vegan cruelty free body care lifestyle body smooth skin Natural skincare means natural ingredients – no chemicals no toxins, just nature’s ingredients. Your skin is the largest organ in your body absorbing everything you put on it, what you put on your skin ends up in your body!   Unfortunately most common skincare products use synthetic chemical ingredients, which when used on and absorbed by our skin can cause all sorts of skin and health issues. Skin care products can be a major source of toxins for many people. Most are packed with chemicals and artificial ingredients that might have a temporary positive effect on the skin, but will have negative long term effects. How do we avoid this? BE MINDFUL! Read the ingredients and know what to avoid!  Remember, just because something says it’s natural, doesn’t mean it is, read the ingredients and avoid the following common chemicals which are often found in hair, body & skincare products: AVOID: Parabens (methylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben, isoparapben, etc.) The most common preservatives used in cosmetics to prevent bacterial and fungal growth.  Parabens can mimic the hormone estrogen, which can have serious effects on your hormones.  Let’s not do that! Phthalates which are often found in artificial fragrances also disrupt hormonal balance. SLS is a skin irritating soap ingredients. Mineral Oil (petroleum) this clogs pores and can cause breakouts. What should I use instead? DO USE: Natural products with actual natural ingredients! I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks with you all my favourite natural skincare products. I’ll start with the body, to moisturise I use Frank Body’s BODY BALM on the daily.  It’s made from Fair Trade Coffee Arabica Seed Oil which helps with skin dullness & encourages regeneration of skin cells. It also helps restore skin’s own elasticity and tone.  It’s also made with my all time favourite ingredient Coconut Oil – a natural emollient which leaves skin soft and glowing.  With a touch of Grapeseed and Sweet Almond Oil which is rich in Vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium and zinc, besides a number of other minerals and vitamins! It makes sense, when we use natural / organic products on our body, they enhance the skins natural function, working in synergy with the skin.  Our body is able to utilise active ingredients to optimise the regeneration of skin.  As our body is capable of absorbing up to 60% of the ingredients in the products we apply, let’s feed it with the good stuff This body balm is paired perfectly with an exfoliant, use an exfoliant 2-3 times a week to renew your skin, I suggest buddying your Body Balm with Frank’s Original Coffee Scrub as they are pretty much a match made in heaven.  Made from Roasted & Ground Coffee Beans to wake up your skin, Sweet Almond Oil (that we already love in the balm) Sea Salt to exfoliate, removing dry skin & allowing skin to regenerate & Vitamin E which we also already love! Featuring FRANK Body’s BODY BALM Available paired with Franks OG Coffee scrub in Frank’s Ultimate Introduction KIT Also available at ULTA Beauty