September 20, 2017

In Search of Sadie

Homeopathic Pain Period Women Womens Moon Cycle Advice Natural Remedy Girls Time of the Month Womanhood Advice PMS Menstrual pain releif MOON CYCLE NATURAL REMEDIES Our moon cycle – we don’t talk about it enough because it’s uncomfortable, embarrassing or taboo – yet it shouldn’t be. It’s the most natural part of being a women and it should be celebrated. The fact that we have a cycle means that we are capable of creating life – isn’t that incredible? Today I was experiencing the symptoms we all face every month & I reached out to you via my story for some homeopathic advice. I was overwhelmed by the helpful responses & I wanted to dedicate this post to share these with you all. Girls, this should be really helpful for you & boys, take note, because knowing this means you could help a girlfriend, sister or a gal pal when she needs it most! We are givers and creators and it comes with discomfort, but there are lots natural ways to help!  Below are some Moon Cycle Natural Remedies: Moon Cycle Natural Remedies: * Hot pack on the stomach and lower back to ease pain * Fig leaf, Peppermint or Ginger Tea * Lavender essential oil & salt in a hot bath * Peppermint Oil directly on your tummy Turmeric juice or tonic (buy fresh turmeric root, thinly slice & brew in hot water) * Take Magnesium (either flakes soaked in a bath or Magnesium lotion which you can rub on your tummy or lower back to reduce and prevent cramps) * Fennel (Fennel seeds can work as effectively as painkillers / pharmacy drugs for painful periods!) Read more here: (nutrition * Ginger (a shot of fresh ginger juice once a day or an eighth of a teaspoon of ginger powder three times a day) * Take Ashwaghanda & Maca regularly throughout the mont to balance hormones. Natural products: * ‘Calm’ from d?TERRA in roll on form. * ‘Moon Cycle’ Tea from Yogi teas * ‘Monthly Rescue’ from Wish Garden & the things that always help – sleep + lots of water. Finally and most importantly acceptance, appreciation & self love ?? Photographed by Mimi Elashiry