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April 02, 2018

In Search of Sadie

Recently, Models of Compassion visited ‘Care For Kids Bali’ the Jodie O’shea Orphanage in Denpasar, Indonesia to bring donations and supplies in time for the monsoon season.  Thank you to all 14 role models who came and joined us, collected donations and spent the day at the orphanage bringing toys and games and joy to the children. The Jodie O’Shea Orphanage has 113 kids in their care, the youngest being Rizzone who is 20 months old and the eldest being 19 years old.  The 19 teens and 94 children and babies come from various Indonesian islands where they were often malnourished, in poverty stricken areas, surviving on hand to mouth existence.  Some children are from Sumba, an arid and very poor island east of Bali which has an ongoing water crisis.  Some children on Sumba Islands’s entire day revolved around obtaining enough water to survive.  The lack of fresh water causes health and hygiene problems.   Here at the Orphanage these children are provided with clean water, healthy diet, an education, nurture, care and the freedom of being children. Founded win 2005, the Orphanage is run by a small team of dedicated people who’s mission is to provide a healthy, loving and secure environment for the children.  Funded purely by the generosity of others, the orphanage accepts donations of food, toiletries and basic essentials, so that’s what we did.  Models of Compassion distributed posters and signs around the highly popular expat and tourists areas listing the things the Orphanage needed and where they could drop them off.  It was a success! we filled baskets of donations of soap, towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, cleaning supplies, clothes, shoes & nappies.  The items the orphanage needs to run. After four drivers cancellations and several failed attempts of finding transport that would take our team to the orphanage, Models of Compassion took matters into our own hands.  We piled onto scooters and motorbikes, one on the front driving and one on the back holding all of the supplies we were about to donate.  An hour of windy roads, narrow shortcuts, stops and starts through the bustle and polluted traffic of Denpasar we finally arrived at the Care for Kids Bali.  We were greeted with a warm welcome by the Orphanage director who proceeded to run us through the history of the Orphanage and stories of the children we were about to meet. We spent the day with these grateful and happy children, we played ball, we danced, we sung, we played instruments, coloured in with the younger kids and practised English with the older kids.  We even did a little karaoke.  We left learning that a little act of kindness can go a long way.  Orphanages like this across the globe rely on the generosity of others, most orphanages are not government funded and it’s the donations and volunteers that allow them to run. If you’re in Bali and you want to visit Care for Kids Bali please contact to arrange a time & day to visit. Contact information: Contact in Bali : +62 361 725-076 (international) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it It’s very important to make an appointment first as no visitors are allowed without prior appointment, and don’t forget to bring your ID on the day! This was our experience:   A big thank you to Role Models Yasmin Suteja, Izi Simundic, Kai Suteja, Harry Mark, Angga Pratama, Milu Evans, Leah Hills, Henry West, Abbie Lengui, Maya Fernandez, Clay Russert (who made some beautiful video footage which is coming soon) and Ronaldo De Ferbro for these photographs!