California Love – Stevie May Style

September 20, 2016

In Search of Sadie

stevie may style fashion australian label boho hippy model blogger outfit santa monica california skirt top lace print STEVIE MAY STYLE FILE “MAYBE WOMEN ARE NOT MEANT TO BE TAMED. PERHAPS WE SHOULD WALK FREE, EXPLORE OUR OWN ADVENTURES AND FORM OUR OWN IDENTITIES” This is the mantra for Australian label Stevie May.  Made for the explorer, the adventurer, wild with imagination and free in her creativity.  Her feminine energy and untamed heart have her forever wondering the unknown.  Inspired by places near and far, she is soft but likes to style flowy floral prints and detailed textured pieces with edgy boots and messy hair.  She uses her imagination where every she goes, she is playful and adventurous. Walking the Stevie May way… I explored my own city, found floral painted walls and giant palm trees and danced around barefoot in the sand.  Isn’t it wonderful that you don’t have to go far from home to ignite your senses? No matter where you are reading this from, someone is visiting the very same place that you live.  Explore your home as a visitor would, with open eyes and an open mind and you never know what you might find.. Photographed by Corina Brown Tops & Skirt by Stevie May