Being Alone In Nature

April 19, 2017

In Search of Sadie

Being alone in nature. When you spend time in nature, you are given the potential to envision yourself in the world with new perspectives.  Our connection with our immediate environment is that of an internalised relationship,  if we feel closed in, we subconsciously forbear our ability to see new perspectives.  The environment we surround ourselves in is directly linked to our sense of well-being and our mental clarity as our minds make sense of space around us. We are a subject of our environment as our minds make sense of our surroundings. Getting alone in nature with intention to nurture yourself will change your internal reality.  Here we can experience perceptual shifts of our interpretation of our place in the universe.  How wonderful that spaciousness of nature relates to open-mindedness, calm, and appreciation of life. If you have worries in life, if you feel you can’t find a solution to a problem, remove yourself from your environment and let nature heal you.  Walk along the beach, swim in the ocean, sit in a park, go for a hike in the mountains, walk through a forest what ever nature is accessible to you, go there.  Breath in deeply, feel the wind on your skin, the ground on your feet, watch the movement of the waves, the trees, the life that is nature.  Slow your mind down. let it rest in it’s natural state and find calm.  You may see situations in a different light, you may gain clarity, and you will most definitely feel good. I highly recommend being alone in nature. Dress by Lottie Hall Jewellery by Tribe