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June 23, 2018

In Search of Sadie

Mimi Elashiry Natascha Elisa BAWA Bali models of compassion volunteer street dogs charity Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA)  Bali is the home to a beautiful and unique heritage dog, simply named ‘Bali Dog’ these kind creatures are unfortunately faced with all sorts of threats.  Bali dogs are by nature free roaming animals that have roamed the island of Bali for thousands of years.  If you have visited the island of Bali before you would have noticed these guys roaming around the streets, some with a collar who simply cruise around in the day and come ‘home’ for food if they are lucky, and those without, usually homeless and rummaging the trash cans and street corners for food.  Both face the threat of indiscriminate mass culling and the shocking dog meat trade. A Bali dog may ‘belong’ to a family, kampung, warung or other place of business, but this does not mean that the people involved will necessarily give it food or water, vaccinate it, give it treatment for worms or ticks or otherwise assume any responsibility for its care. Aside from organised culling, hundreds of dogs’ lives are lost every week to the dog meat trade, acts of cruelty, disease, motor vehicle accidents and basic neglect.  As most bali dogs who are not under proper care are not sterilised there is another problem of puppy ‘dumping’ where puppies are often dumped into rivers or left in rice bags on the side of the streets.   The situation is dire and the magnificent animal that is Bali’s heritage dog is under threat. Rejected and neglected, they are frail, frightened, hungry and hurting.  This is where the Bali Animal Welfare Association comes in 24/7 to emergency calls to bring relief to the helpless dogs with food, on-the-spot vet treatment, vet clinic care and a place in our safe and loving foster homes while they source permanent homes for our rescued animals.  BAWA also rescues, vaccinates and cares for and finds home for abandoned puppies. My girlfriend Mimi joined me to see first hand the work that BAWA do.  We helped with the street feeding, where one hard working local man drives the same route every day in Ubud dispersing food to homeless street dogs who would otherwise go hungry.  We then helped clean, feed and walk the fostered puppies and learnt success stories of dogs who with the right medical treatment and love had miraculous transformations and have been able to live a happy and healthy life.  The staff are all hard working and very passionate about the plight of the Bali Dog, I have been lucky to be involved with this organisation for the past 3 years and see the wonderful work that they do.  More info below! If you are planning to visit Bali and you would like to volunteer click HERE to find out more. The BAWA organisation runs purely on donations and is underfunded and understaffed, if you wish to make a monetary donation, click HERE If you want to know more about the organisation and what they do check out BAWA’s website