December 28, 2017

Framboise Fashion

Framboise Fashion Louboutin Pumps I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. After retrieving back to Denmark for some much needed snoozing and cosy-time with the family, I'm loving going over the projects that have passed through Framboise Fashion this year. But what is a good end of the year (and a celebration of the site's 8th anniversary today) without a post to move away from 2017 on a wave of good energy... Keeping this in mind, I'm introducing you to Tornade Blonde. You know me as much of a fragrance addict. From going through my high-school years using testers one of my best friends Emilie collected, to now be as fortunate as to get to explore so many scents, their making and not least their makers, this leaves me no short of excited to share this one with you. Every fragrance starts with a story, so let me tell you about this one, created by a master of our time, Christian Louboutin. She is powerful. Compelling. Seductive. Lighting the fire at the party, she doesn't need much but her confidence - it could come in handy when she unleashes the pun-jokes, but a dangerous darling nevertheless. Scents of amber with notes of spicy patchouli, the sweet tonka absolute and iris. DRESS ZAKEE SHARIFF /