March 16, 2018

Framboise Fashion

IN COLLABORATION WITH BUCHERER Value is something we all define so differently. Our different backgrounds and experiences through life will create the equally worthy variables that define our beginning point in the conversation. In the world of luxury, the definition of value is perhaps most clearly outlined, when holding a precious stone in your hand. Formed by nature, carefully selected and picked by experts, and then cut to embark on a career of yet unwritten potential of sentimental value, to fit each and their own. I've had the wonderful pleasure of creating this story together with Bucherer, a fine jeweller originated from Switzerland dating back to 1888 (no biggie), with 130 years of experience in the field. The Peekaboo collection, worn throughout this story, has won my love with it perhaps successfully accomplishing to unite the weight and wonder of the precious stones into daily wear. Living in London can be both inspiring as it can be intense, so it is wonderful to just stop, realise your achievements and find ways to treat yourself. Sometimes that means a cheeky chew, no-sharing approach to a 4 person sized dessert or what I've come to find beyond satisfying: jewellery that lasts for life. BUCHERER PEEKABOO AQUAMARINE AND DIAMOND BRACELET / ROSEGOLD AQUA STONE AND DIAMOND RING / ROSEGOLD DIAMOND AND MORGANITE RING / ROSEGOLD AND MORGANITE EARRINGS Embarking on a day of meetings or a day out, you all know I love that feeling you get, wearing a good suit. Worn in this story as a pale pink combo together with a classic white silk shirt (you can never have too many, if you live in the city and ever carried a coffee during rush-hour) topped off with ankle boots and a simple bag to pair with the precious Aqua and Morganite. With every piece being a reflection of craftsmanship and care, the jewellery truly provide that extra bit of effortless shine to a look, that not only fits with a glamorous formal wear setting, but lends itself perfectly into daily wear. XSARAH MIKAELA Post done in collaboration with BUCHERER, assistance by ISABELLA TOMBINSKI-ROBB