March 05, 2018

Framboise Fashion

ECCO CREPETRAY SHOES worn with MUNTHE JACKET & MALENE BIRGER TROUSERS I usually pack an extra bag, full of various plasters and squishy cushiony things to put in my shoes, when preparing for fashion week. This time the destination was Copenhagen, and whilst I'm most definitely heavily biased (having lived there for 5 years and being from good ol' DK) Copenhagen truly is one of my favourite places. Any excuse to go, and I'm there. Fashion week you say? I've already bought my M&M's for the ride, but this time I didn't bother with the above medical pack. Following the release of the ECCO Scinapse (which I wrote a 3-ways-to-wear story on here, as they quickly became my everyday shoe) the announcement the Crepetray collection, had me all ears and I was more than keen to take it for a spin at the fashion week in the scenic and so overly photogenic capital of Denmark, in collaboration with a brand I respect so much. It was going to be great to actually attend fashion week without having to count blisters at the end of the day! ECCO CREPETRAY SHOES the CREPETRAY Now a good sole and a good back story are a match made in shoe heaven. These bad boys take their aesthetic influence dating back almost 400 years, well proving that quality design is best when tested by time. Inspired by the 'veldsko' worn by early Dutch Settlers, ECCO translated the shoe used by world wide travelers into a modern platform. ECCO CROSS BODY KAUAI BAG ECCO CROSS BODY KAUAI BAG worn with MUNTHE COAT / WEEKDAY FLARED JEANS XSARAH MIKAELAPost done in collaboration with ECCO, photos assisted by Isabella Tombinski-Robb.