April 25, 2018

Framboise Fashion

I grew up in a city just by the seaside of the Danish mainland called Vejle. This spot inspired the local community all the way back since the Romantic times by the waves that broke in the fjord carved by the ice in the last glacial period. Therefor, I was certain, that one day, when I were to design products in my name, these unpredictable shapes and the element of my birth month, would be a source of inspiration.Some of you will know, that I was drawn to London to do design. It's always been an immense dream since I was little to mix my ideas, illustrations and aesthetics into a mixing bowl and see what skilled minds of technicians and craftsmen would be able to do with it. Leading us here. WAVE. An ethically crafted jewellery collection designed for SACET inspired by the sea.It's in my clear opinion, that if you create products in the world today, ethics, responsibility and integrity must be at the heart of it. We are too far in our consciousness in 2018 to turn any blind eyes to any processes that cause harm in any way. We know better, and it's in our every ability to do better. This is one of the many reasons, why I was so drawn to SACET and their work. We've spoken about value and the definition of value before on this site, and SACET so effortlessly and powerfully leads the way in this field. All of their manufacturing company profits are used to provide their craftspeople and the local community with skills development, healthcare and children's education. I'm so happy and proud to be sharing this collection, ethically produced all the way with you. From Priyaj, the CEO and founder of SACET, to the technicians in India and our stellar press team in London. It's been a team effort, and from my side, I can only thank them for believing in my designs to take them into life, and realise this dream for me. DESIGNED BY SARAH MIKAELACRAFTED & CREATED BY SACETETHICALLY PRODUCED. WAVE LARGE HOOP EARRINGS GOLD / SILVER HOOP EARRINGS / WAVE RING / MIDI RING WAVE LARGE HOOPS SILVER WAVE SILVER CUFF SEE THE FULL COLLECTION HERE, I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR WHAT YOU THINK! XSARAH MIKAELA Photography, design and creative direction by Sarah Mikaela, the beautiful model is Sarah Lingard