February 01, 2018

Framboise Fashion

Alright then. Let's talk about shopping habits. A place that has had a lot of attention from my moola over the past 5 years I've been in London, is no other than Regent St. Being one of the streets I first collaborated back with when coming to London, it's not just become a favourite but my favourite for an instant wardrobe update, and surprisingly also as a spot for feeling zen despite its central location. I'm mainly referring to Akasha, the spa at Hotel Café Royal (which you know I love). It never fails to leave my mind and body feeling smooth as butter every time, and whilst I normally opt for massages (ya' get hooked!), I recently had my first facial ever. It was the 60 minute treatment, that followed a 4-hour sleep night and a money's worth morning spin class at Psycle, and I kid you not, I fell asleep three times and woke myself up with a gentle tea cup pig snort for two of them. As for shopping favourites, I go here for everything from a dose of luxury, like LONGCHAMP that holds the name of my latest handbag seen in the next shot, as well as being the spot where I find my highstreet favourites like WEEKDAY and ZARA. ... LONGCHAMP BAG / JIGSAW COAT / WEEKDAY JEANS L O N G C H A M P 229-237 REGENT STREET Fantastic place. Both pleasing in product and display, I love the colours of this place, the simple silhouettes in the designs and a fashionable practicality to the features of these. P S Y C L E 76 MORTIMER STREET Now yes, not technically on Regent Street, but no more than 15 seconds from it, and I suppose for the annual work-out, I can make that extra bit of effort (joking!) but you'll be taking 30 seconds to get back to RS as the 45 minutes you spend here give you a full-powered work-out and left us dripping. L I B E R T Y 76 MORTIMER STREET You see how I just had to insert an areal shot between the work-out and the lunch? In all fairness, I had the vegan beetroot falafel main when visiting Arthur's in Liberty (a couple of fries too, shh!). Liberty has to be one of my favourite places to be inspired, to find presents and new designers as well as filling me up. Now Liberty was also the place I sorted out my hair post the morning cycle, stopping by Taylor Taylor on the 4th floor resulting in the beachy windy waves you see in the top three photos. K I E H L S 71 REGENT STREET Last but not least, Kiehl's. Tested, tried and trusted, I recently went here for a skin consultation as you possibly caught on Instagram Stories. The brilliant Gillian explained my current skin situation, that left me feeling super briefed on how to take best care of my skin. My favourites include the Midnight Oil and the Overnight Hydration Mask. XSARAH MIKAELA Post done in collaboration with REGENT STREET W1, assistance by ISABELLE TOMBINSKI-ROBB.