September 26, 2017

Framboise Fashion

Sarah Mikaela Striped Balenciaga Bag In Soho IN COLLABORATION WITH SELFRIDGES There's that one version of yourself. You know, that lightning of confidence that decides to pass your sky every new moon? I swear when the feeling comes by me, I always mistake it as a delivery meant for the girl next door, who's an actual model (zigzagging her way through Soho and Mayfair for castings), but I try not to ask too many questions when it arrives at my door and just embrace it as my own. With the arrival of Balenciaga at Selfridges in the heart of London, I've discovered that anything Balenciaga has you going straight to that feeling, and being someone who idolises Mary Poppins' bottomless bag, this XL striped Balenciaga Tote bag of goodness fits my ideal of the perfect designer bag as well as Angelina Jolie's face fits Fibonacci's golden ratio. London is one of the most vibrant and dynamic places I know, and whilst you can be in the classiest surroundings of Selfridges, venturing just a 20 minute walk up Oxford Street and into Soho, you never quite know what you'll come across. Known as a hub for the liberal, the creative and its endless extravaganza, Soho reels you in with its range of colours and construction stripes regardless of which hour you visit it in (also, they famously hub some of the best coffee here - explore!). location: X SARAH MIKAELA Post sponsored by Selfridges x Balenciaga, photos assisted by the patient and wonderful Amy Barrie. BALENCIAGA TOTE via SELFRIDGES