September 15, 2017

Framboise Fashion

Sarah Mikaela Lavish Alice Lately* I've been getting myself more and more into package deals. Everything from adding the extra luggage and anything-that-can-go-wrong insurance to having starters with mains with dessert. "All at once, yes". I call it the 'Happy Meal Effect', revealing the fact that once we ran out of rye bread and bean paté on the backseat of all those high-way journeys from Denmark to X-Y-Z European country, the drive thru was my dawg. *We were it's dawg.. doesn't matter.. *Meaning the past year, as we all know 2017 has been a complete sneeze. Lavish Alice has become my classy package deal, thereby meaning that I know as soon as I've landed on the site, I'll find something where I won't need to worry about a million ways I need to style it or incorporate it with my current wardrobe. The outfits and dresses all pull together for effortless looks, like this white, tight, flare sleeved goodie worn in this post. It has the right dosage of loud and simple, Scandinavian but Samba. I've been getting dresses to wear for weddings (although I'm keeping my hands off the white for those ones). LAVISH ALICE DRESS / LAVISH ALICE SHOES ASOS DRESS / BAG / SUNGLASSES / CROCHET SANDALS HOPE YOU'RE HAVING A GREAT WEEK XSARAH MIKAELAPost done in collaboration with ASOS, photographic ninja was Camila Carril