December 13, 2017

Framboise Fashion

With Christmas lunches and dinners lining up like the self-check-outs in Sainsbury's, and the December to-do's exponentially multiply manifesting themselves into endless half-scribbled, yet intricately over-detailed lists, it can sometimes prove hard to have moments purely to un-wind for yourself. It's sometimes only takes a gentle hint to bring us in the mindset of self-care and self-generosity, which easily gets overlooked in the midst of it all. To me it comes as a light reminder, in the shape of a hard soap such as the lovely Jean-Marie Farina from Roger Gallet used in the daily morning soak releasing top notes of citrus or as a cologne I wear throughout the day, introducing the Ververine Utopie. I fully admit to having a borderline obsessive collection of perfumes that'll capture my mood, and cologne offers a different scent experience and is a lighter way of wearing your fragrance. Depending on the day, it'll be on my clothes, in my hair or on my wrists. Everyone their rituals, but I believe in core staples, and the notes from the Ververine Utopie plays beautifully into that. Ververine Utopie Drawing on notes from cedar wood and absinthe, the Ververine Utopie is a cologne that uniquely embraces the masculine and feminine, for a light but supremely characteristic trademark. JEAN MARIE FARINA SHOWER GEL / VERVERINE UTOPIE COLOGNE SOMETHING SPECIAL XSARAH MIKAELA Post done in collaboration with ROGER GALLET, All opinions expressed are my own.