March 20, 2018

Framboise Fashion

T he story continues... You by now all know, that my feet were ECCO wrapped from childhood (everyone at home knows that if you want a good sole, gentle to what they're protecting, they're the ultimate go-to), so to wear them as a staple for traveling and incorporate within outfits for the Copenhagen Fashion Week, it was an easy match. This story focuses on wearing the shoes and accessories as supportive and statement pieces. I've styled the Bella in the first look with leather chinos, a classic cashmere coat and a pop of colour with the oversize knit, that breaks down the monotone element of the look. I took it to fashion week, but it works as a look in these days between winter and spring (spring!!). ... For the Crepetray (remember to check out the first post here), we went for a monotone look again, but this time just focusing on matching the periwinkle colour of the Mini Backpack, in the t-shirt and earrings, and the camel tones again to match the sole of the Crepetray. Fashion so often is not about going all out, but meeting your style in a playful way that doesn't have to mean the compromising of comfort and quality. hello, CPHFW! Copenhagen charged several trends for the upcoming AW season. As well as the clean, black, ultra-minimalistic designs appeared as expected, we can look forward to a grande pop of colour and fun for the upcoming season, with Malene Birger, Baum und Pferdgartedn and Morten Ussing displayed bright colours on the runway. Last mentioned brought in florals, metallics and tulip silhouettes from the 50s.TTaW ECCO BACKPACK worn with THE COAT CASHMERE COAT / MALENE BIRGER KNIT & LEATHER TROUSERS / ECCO BELLA SHOES COAT as before / ECCO MINI BACKPACK ECCO MINI BACKPACK worn with THE COAT CASHMERE coat / MALENE BIRGER trousers / WEEKDAY t-shirt / ECCO CREPETRAY SHOES ECCO CREPETRAY SHOES XSARAH MIKAELAPost done in collaboration with ECCO, photos assisted by Isabella Tombinski-Robb.