October 23, 2017

Framboise Fashion

T here's a new structure to our cultural absorption today. Whilst I know content is supposed to be shorter, tighter, more concentrated than ever - this is what we're told from all angles at the moment - we have to participate in a form of saturated yet highly edited but effortless popularity contest, to me is merely one part of today's cultural narration. Without doubt, I follow more Instagrams than blogs, but the ones I follow, despite posts being far apart, comparing the work behind them and the outcome to an instagram lifted up by an algorithm is like comparing a cheeto to a Michelin meal. Comparison simply doesn't apply. So now. To introduce you to a post that is meant as a sartorial ode to what without exaggeration has to be my favourite outfit of this blog's entire living time. Nothing less, than a Paul Smith suit. Saying I don't feel like an Aston Martin in Racing Green in this travel suit, would be a lie. It was so kindly fitted by his amazing team in London, an experience I envy menswear for, but love that this statement and divide between menswear and womenswear is more imaginative than incompatible structures these days. This; a Paul Smith suit, a brand I hold such deep respect for (I blame fashion documentary binging post knee surgery - the PS one had me dreaming of wearing suits in London waaay back), naturally becomes the soulmate of an outfit for me. PAUL SMITH WOOL JACKET / PAUL SMITH WOOL TROUSERS / SHIRT WITH CHARM BUTTONS / BUCKLE SHOES / ALLSAINTS BAG XSARAH MIKAELAPost done in collaboration with kind gifting from Paul Smith, photos assisted by impeccable Amy Barrie.