May 11, 2017

Framboise Fashion

Some stunt London is pulling at the moment. London is currently in that weird in between stage, something like what you had with that hot 'n' cold crush around 3 months ago, who over-did it on the V-necks and the selfies on Instagram. Ask it to commit to either hot or cold, it won't. In these temperamental situations, I've always been advised to style around the classics, which is in my opinion is the best way of flirting with the new season. Fluent in Italian handcraft as well as British design, I've been so excited to style around two classic timeless styles by Russell & Bromley. First up the classic court shoe in navy with a thick heel and pointed toe (ouh oui!) to go with a blazer worn over a mini-skirt or as the perfect feminine touch to a co-ord. Secondly the never-go-wrong patented black loafer. Thank goodness this style wandered its way over to women's footwear, so we cold wear it right with wrapped gingham skirts paired with white shirts not to mention boyfriend jeans (stay tuned). RUSSELL & BROMLEY COURT SHOE RUSSELL & BROMLEY PENNY LOAFERS / BACKPACK worn with THOREAU SHIRT / ZARA SKIRT / HOPE YOU'RE HAVING AN AMAZING WEEK!XSARAH MIKAELA instagram | facebook | twitterPost created in collaboration with Russell & Bromley, photos done with the brilliant Ramon Mota.