February 12, 2018

Framboise Fashion

ontinuing our tale on Regent Street, given the case you didn't miss the last post with the full guide, you'll all know how magical I think Akasha is. You travel to town, and this spot truly makes you centered. As mentioned last week, I went for my first ever facial here. A new-found addictive experience, as if the luxurious facilities of this space hasn't already caught on to me like chocolate coated flapjacks for a mid-town treat, swim or manicure. Frankly speaking though, I was feeling all run out entering the treatment room, the week had been non-stop and the treatment left me feeling vitalised and with the glow of 10 green juices, my feverish state didn't manifest on the surface. Success? Success. A K A S H A 50 REGENT STREET XSARAH MIKAELA Post done in collaboration with the wonderful REGENT STREET