September 07, 2018

Framboise Fashion

A RUN FORMADE BY SARAH MIKAELA, ASSISTED BY GIULIA GRECO for SWEATY BETTY Until recent years I've had a very tense relationship with the gym - all very al dente to the point where it's unchewable.The thought of stepping into a gym? Forget it. The entire thought of showing my sportily incompetence for public preview was absolutely not something I'd entertain in any way. But this year; after fumbling a text to my closest gym-bunny Anouska saying: "HOW DO YOU SWITCH THIS ON?!", I finally, unapologetically, got my legs moving on that treadmill (thanks Anouska). And now? Guys, I find this hard to not immediately compare myself to the likes of the Terminator, but let's just say I'm washing and folding my gym-wear every Tuesday and Friday after a sweat. Gym-wear majorly consists of Sweaty Betty bits, as they genuinely just tick my most important boxes of performance and comfort. Emphasising comfort as it's hands down, hand on heart (do I get three hands in metaphorical language?) the kindest support in the room if you're taking on any kind of bad-arse boot camp, treadmill triumph or spin. HOMESTRAIGHT CROP TOP UPBEAT WORKOUT BRA /ZERO GRAVITY LEGGINGS / SIMHASANA SWEATSHIRT / ZERO GRAVITY LEGGINGS / XSARAH MIKAELA