December 18, 2017

Fancy Pants

I feel like it’s taken this year to really discover my love for sneakers, a year of living in a jewellers studio and being on my feet constantly, needing to be casual but still wanting to look good. And with that came the realization that it’s not only a jeans and white tee vibe (although that is such a winner), but you can wear a good pair of sneaks with just about anything. Enter, the white chucks. For the 100th anniversary of Chuck Taylor All Stars, Converse set me the task of creating five different outfits to show how you can #WearItWithAnything – I’m happy to report they really do go with EVERYTHING as they’re so effortlessly cool and damn comfy! First up, the Summer version of my little black dress. This outfit is my go to for running around Cape Town on a Saturday morning, grabbing breakfast and doing some shopping. I might even hide a bikini under there for a quick dip in Clifton around noon, who knows I’ll be posting the other four ways I wear my chucks over the next two weeks so keep an eye out! I’m also driving to Knysna tomorrow to see my family for a bit before we head to East London to spend Christmas with Jedds family this year. Somehow, not feeling the most festive this year which is quite unlike me, but I couldn’t be more excited to leave the city soon! #ForeverChucks