December 22, 2017

Fancy Pants

Is there anything more perfect than the good old jeans and tee combo? I mean, I really don’t love words like perfect – it’s something that get used so often it gets diluted and loses it’s meaning. But I actually feel like I might have good reason to use it this time around – because this combo of my favourite blue jeans, crisp white tee & casual cool white chucks feels pretty perfect to me. Lately, I’ve packed away all of the floral dresses and bright colours and am looking at creating a way more streamlined yet casual style of dressing that focuses on good quality, well fitted denim and blacks, whites & nudes. You might have noticed a lot more denim & white over on my Instagram! These chucks fit right in, I mean they more than fit in, they made the outfit feel complete and created a definite casual cool vibe. The perfect outfit for just about anything, it’s become my everyday no-thinking throw on outfit for class (and drinks afterwards!) #WearItWithAnything #ForeverChucks