May 17, 2017

Fancy Pants

IMG_7321s Can we just talk about how it’s June in two weeks, like where did the first half of the year even go?! Autumn’s by far my favourite time of the year but it’s also a little scary, being the first time I really get a moment to catch my breath and look back on the year so far. Cape Town was having one of those perfect mid season moments over the weekend, not-too-cold-not-too-warm and golden light. It’s amazing the difference that a change in seasons can make, a month ago I was bored with everything in my wardrobe that had to do with bare legs and thin layers and now I’m happily throwing jackets on over everything. I’m also currently compulsively online window shopping for anything big and warm and chunky with a 100% success rate in dwarfing entire bodies, it’s a good time.