October 02, 2017

Fancy Pants

IMG_2222s Dulux Colour of the Year 2018 | Pictured Rocks If there’s anything that my visit to Morocco taught me, it’s to love colour again. I’m diving straight in (I mean, what better time to do it with Summer coming up right?) with Dulux’s beautiful new Inviting Home colour palette. Somewhere between beautiful greys and blues, and sitting between a dusty mauve and smoky taupe, is Pictured Rocks. The perfectly warm, comfortable, and yet subtle colour addition to my wardrobe that I’m completely in love with. Dulux describes the palette as one where comfort and convenience reign supreme. The Inviting Home palette is all about bonding with your loved ones and effortless, meaningful style. I can one hundred percent see that in the colours chosen, from the cool shades of blue and easy going neutrals, to the sea-green hues connecting them. I loved having the opportunity to play with this palette and see the beautiful colour combination potentials. I mean, after visiting a city where everything is bright blue it seemed a little bit ridiculous to not wear colour these days, so I think you’ll definitely be seeing more vibrant options from me this Summer! What are your thoughts on the Dulux Colour of the Year for 2018? x