March 15, 2017

Fancy Pants

IMG_3701s When two become one. Or in this case, when you find your lifelong partner in a piece of outerwear. Enter le teddy coat. This week has been an interesting one at class. My lecturer said to all of us a few weeks back that making jewellery is often a battle of the mind more than anything else, and I’ve found it to be true this week more than ever. Often I perceive a piece as so simple to create but in reality the metal has other plans, or the solder fucks out, or you ruin all your hard work with a quick file in the wrong direction, or all of the above. It’s a fascinating process, and although I’ve gone home frustrated and grumpy more than once lately I’m still waking up excited and with fresh ideas to solve my problems. I feel like this is such a good place to be in though, not complacent, and full of passion. And I feel like I’m in some kind of relationship with jewellery right now – status: it’s complicated.