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May 08, 2017


eatsleepwear, Kimberly Lapides, outfit, chanel, equipment, rag and bone, aquatalia, celine I have been on the hunt for a quilted black Chanel bag forever now. Given the kind of year it’s been, I decided that the moment I see it, I pull the trigger. I always think long and hard about my investment purchases because even though I plan and save my money, I always have a bit of guilt when splurging. For me, I splurge on something I know will be in my closet forever. So rather than pick a more on trend style that might be out in a few years, I ALWAYS go classic. With an iPhone 7 plus, it can be tricky to find small bags that still fit my phone. This one was a winner. I tracked her down and now she is mine!!! I have to say of all my luxury handbags, Chanel has been, and always will be, my favorite. I know it’s not something that everyone can afford, but I work my butt off to save for things like this and I will cherish this little bag baby. I tend to have a very casual vibe to my looks and I love how this bag instantly gives it a little punch. I am going to link a few of my fav copycat bags below if you want the look for less. In IVF news. We are full blown into your second cycle! If you follow on instagram stories, I have been sharing little bits about our journey. I am honestly so excited to have the chance to do it all over. Am I still scared? YES. But, I am overwhelming filled with so much hope and excitement to do everything I can to get me to my family. I am on Day 5 of injections and I have to admit, I am starting to feel it. Headaches and exhaustion are setting in so this morning was a bit on the rough side. I am doing Microdose Lupron + Menopur in the AM and then Microdose Lupron + Follistim at night. 4 injections a day ladies and gentleman. This morning I felt so wiped out I crashed on the couch and had a moment to feel sorry for myself. I decided rather than sink into this kind of mindset for any longer, I would take this moment to be emotional and move on from it. Thankfully I have the worlds best husband… I decided the only cure was buckwheat pancakes… so he dropped everything, and we went. Sorry the blog post is a little on the late side today. Sometimes life just gets in the way! But guess what, I am choosing to change my day so let’s do this Monday. BRING IT ON. As always, I have to thank you each and everyday for your comments, DMS and emails about your infertility and IVF stories. It means the world that you are able to open up with me and I am happy to answer any and all questions! Feel free to continue to reach out. I am here for you. xo, Kim bag: chanel / top: equipment (similar) / jeans: rag and bone / necklaces: ariel gordon (similar) shoes: c/o aquatalia (I told you I was obsessed with slides!) / shades: celine (similar) shop similar bags: Turn on your JavaScript to view content You might also like... Philadelphia Summer Coffee Stop Cotton Tropical Gardens Secret Cut Outs