Spring Cleaning with eBay

May 15, 2017


eatsleepwear, Kimberly Lapides, eBay, Celine With my closet finally being done (I can’t wait to share photos!) it was the perfect opportunity to go through everything for a big Spring clean out. If I had to tell you where I invest most of my money in my closet, it’s in my bags and shoes. Naturally, I always need to be taking inventory of what I am getting use out of what I am not. I bought this Celine bag on a trip to Rome and bought it on an impulse. While it’s BEAUTIFUL and only been worn a few times, I have been gravitating to my small sized bags. eBay is always a go to for selling my luxury items. Blake and I have both been using eBay to sell things for years so I was super excited to partner with them to sell this Celine bag. The process of selling on eBay is pretty simple. THREE SIMPLE STEPS TO SELLING 1 // List and sell it It’s as easy as snapping a few pictures, choosing the selling format that’s right for you, and listing your item to sell. 2 // Ship it When your item sells, just drop it in the mail. Print with eBay labels and get a discount on shipping. 3 // Get paid Put extra cash in your pocket. And sign up for PayPal for free–the fast, easy, and safe way to get paid on eBay. eBay makes the whole process so easy. I have been an avid user for years and love having it as a resource to sell fashion pieces every season. So if you are in the market for a new spring bag, I listed my Celine Box Bag here. She’s a beauty! Hope this inspires you to refresh and declutter those closets. This post is sponsored by eBay Big thank you for supporting all eat/sleep/wear collabs! You might also like... Clean Classics Philadelphia Summer White Spring Feels Sheer Spring Spring Suede