Simplify Skincare

May 18, 2017


eatsleepwear, Kimberly Lapides, Beauty, NuSkin, Skincare, Home It’s no secret I am a beauty junkie and I am constantly looking to try new skin products. These days there are thousands of choices out there for everything from serums to lotions. I wanted to take a look at simplifying my skincare routine when I was introduced to Nu Skin ageLOC Me. Everyone’s skin has unique needs and the ageLOC Me is a way to customize your skincare routine with a personalized daily regiment of products. Kind of amazing. I answered some quick questions in a survey online to find my custom mix of products. All the products focus on anti-aging which I love because when it comes to skincare that is a huge priority for me. What is really unique about this is that the ageLOC Me weaves the serums together in micro layers so application is smooth and things absorb better. The device contains three serum cartridges plus day and night moisturizers. So I am covered for my entire day. As someone who is also technology driven where we live for our phones, I love this new high tech way of customizing my routine. Doesn’t hurt that the actual machine is sleek and modern so it fits right in with my decor. That is always a HUGE deal for me when adding devices into my beauty arsenal. Big thank you to Nu Skin for sharing ageLOC Me with me. My days and nights just got a lot easier. This post is a collaboration with NU SKIN Big thank you for supporting all eat/sleep/wear collabs! You might also like... Luxe Mother’s Day Cleansing Oils Morning Rituals Daily Skin Care Refresh