Pumpkin Patch

October 27, 2017


eatsleepwear, Kimberly Lapides, OUTFIT, Pumpkin Patch, Rails, Frame, Chanel, LNA, Rayban, IRO Trip to the pumpkin patch?? So basic am I right? Basic but always fun. Most fun for me… if you can tell by Lola’s face, we have come to find that she LOATHES the pumpkin patch. Not sure if it’s the smell of the pumpkins, the smell of the hay, or the fact the hay sticks to her everywhere, she literally hates the pumpkin patch so much. It’s a miracle I got her to sit with me on the bail of hay. We can’t win them all. Sorry little Lola!!! I went hunting for squat white pumpkins but sadly there were none to be found. I will have to check out my local trader joes + home depot to see if I can find them. At least I got a chance to pull out some plaid and also rock my newest purchase from Nordstrom. I scooped up these jeans and really love them. They are SUPER stretchy but I did size up for the perfect fit. Just goes to show, it’s not the number on the tag, it’s how your clothes fit that matters. I am actually headed up to Santa Barbara today with Blake and Lola for a long weekend of relaxation, wine tasting, and just all around having fun. It’s been a while since Blake and I have had a getaway and after all of this IVF business, we deserve a fun weekend filled with indulgence. I have been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. We made some reservation at our favorite places and can’t wait to explore. If you have any favorite coffee shops, breakfast spots, or favorite tasting rooms or wineries, please let me know in the comments below! Love hearing all your suggestions. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend. button down: RAILS / top: LNA / jeans: frame (runs small order 1 size up) sneakers: IRO (similar) / bag: chanel (similar) / shades: ray-ban shop plaid shirts: Turn on your JavaScript to view content You might also like... Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Spice Seeing Orange Wine Time Laguna Sunset