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November 08, 2017


eatsleepwear, Kimberly Lapides, HOME, Master Bedroom, Bedroom, Interiors, Design I have been DYING to share my Master Bedroom redesign with you guys since the Summer. But it’s finally here and can’t wait to gush about all the details. With the help of my dear friend Anne, we came together to create the room of my dreams. If you don’t know Anne, she is an interior design guru who creates some of the most lust worthy spaces. I had always gushed over Anne’s interiors and one day I left her a comment on one of her photos saying, “Hey, design my whole house. K thanks.” And she replied back that she was in. This was all too perfect. With our similar aesthetics I knew we could create a space together to fit my needs. What I really wanted was a little place to retreat in my home and for it to be a very zen space. A place to sneak away and read a book, to relax cozy in bed with a movie, or to wake up and enjoy a little sun kissed meditation. Since moving into our home we completed our Walk in Closet and now most recently our Home Office. One of my main goals was for the room to feel warm and be layered with texture. It’s something I have a hard time doing my own and Anne is a texture layering master. We started our design with the biggest piece, the bed. We chose a bed from Verellen that we were able to have custom upholstered by Crypton. Since I have 4 animals in my home including 1 very sassy cat named Miles that loves to scratch things, it’s always a priority for me to find the right textures that will keep their little claws off. We chose a light neutral beige it served as the base of our color palette. Or lack there of. Everything in the room is neutral but accentuated with pops of black and dark tones. A challenge with my bedroom shape was the angled walls next to each side of the bed. It made shopping for end tables very tricky. I swear I looked 5 million places and it was very difficult to find something delicate enough to fit. Anne convinced me to go minimal when we found the perfect marble side tables from Lulu and Georgia. I love that marble has a nice modern finish next to the luxe fabric of the bed. We finished off the bed with crisp white bedding from Rough Linen since I am such a sucker for white sheets. It tends to hide the animal hair that inevitably ends up all over since I can’t say not to any of my animals and we have a bed filled with 1 dog and 2 cats… and 2 humans. HA. I also love the that the bed runner breaks up the bedspread with a little bit of contrasting color. I also decided that in this redesign, I was going to loose the millions of throw pillows of my past. Just one simple decorative pillow would give our bed it’s finishing touch. I scored this one from Serena and Lily online. The next big decision for us would be the rug. Since we never had a rug to begin with I have no idea what direction to go. What I knew is that I wanted a very subtle pattern and something luxe to step onto when you slip your feet out of bed in the morning. This rug from jaipur living was a big hit with humans and pets the minute we unrolled it. It’s so incredibly soft and hand woven with modern Morocco vibes. Next up was a bench. Our bedroom is pretty spacious so we wanted to take advantage of that. We picked out this chunky cool toned wooden bench from Lulu and Georgia to play with different wood tones. This is something I typically stay away from but I put my trust in Anne’s creative hands and I love how it turned out. To give the bench a warmer feel, we found this unreal cool hide from BoConcept that was both cream and black. Basically combining my favorite color tones. Without this, the space would feel unfinished. It just goes to show how much texture can contribute when designing a space. Another challenge for me was making sure we found a cool modern dresser to store things like our pajamas and gym clothes. Since we had other older dressers previously, I didn’t want to lose any storage space so this was an important piece to find. We found this beautiful wooden dresser from Room & Board and I finally see that a dress can be sexy. Since that side of the wall is pretty large it was the perfect place to create a little reading and relaxation nook. We chose a Bernhardt with JF Fabrics Crypton Home fabric. Here we did another custom fabric choice which allowed us to create this velvety and moody moment. I now have to fight the cats for this seat… but I don’t blame them. We also found this incredibly unique peace sign throw from Accompany for when it’s time to get cozy. I also wanted to make sure if I was sipping coffee or reading a book, I had a place to set things down. I found this more industrial style side table from West Elm that is another great example of how mixing textures can warm up a space. You will notice that above the chair sits a framed photograph of pelicans flying down the coast line. This is actually a photo that I took while at the beach near our home. I loved the idea of having some of my own photography in the room. The beach vibes always relax me so I had my own prints framed through Framebridge. They just make it so easy to pick the exact dimensions you want to fit your space. I put another one of my photo prints on the other side of the window. As you can see, I have a bird theme going on in the room and I didn’t do that intentionally. I guess when you gravitate toward something you can’t escape it. To finish of my reading nook I ordered this lamp from AllModern. In all honesty, when I first opened the package and put the lamp in the space, I hated it. But I kept it put together for whatever reason and I ended up really learning to love it. I love the modern feel and crisp angles. I feel like it really gives this nook a sculptural element that it’s dying for. Anne found print 1 and print 2 from Citizen Atelier. For some reason birds are the theme in this room. These light weight feathers are so whimsical and calming. We had them framed by Framebridge matte-less in crisp white frames. We chose to make them super oversized and I love how the scale makes the room seem even larger. Speaking of artwork, let’s talk about these feather prints. I can’t tell you how many compliments we get on them and when you walk in the room they look SO realistic that you would never believe they are prints. Another thing we were missing was lighting next to the bed. Since we didn’t have much room for table side lamps, we decided to explore the idea of sconces. We picked out sconces from High Fashion Home and I love how they contrast with all the white in the bed and artwork. Another thing we replaced over the bed was the ceiling fan. We updated it to a super modern version from Lumens. Another thing we needed to incorporate was a full length mirror. I wanted something with an oversized feel and fell in love with this modern leaning mirror from Room & Board. Anne also had the idea to add a little dimension next to the mirror with the cutest little stool from Kalon Studios. The perfect place for makeup while I get ready or some fresh flowers. Other than that, the rest of the room came together with the help of a lot of last minute shopping for odds and ends. Once addition I adore are the pillows and wicker baskets from The Little Market. The create more texture and warms on the window seat. I also ordered some new coffee table books for the room and completely obsessed with The Surf Shack book. It’s nice to be able to page through when I am needing a break and a little big of inspiration. This bedroom redesign is a truly a dream come true. I find myself sitting in this room because it just feel like a breath of fresh air. I have to thank Anne for working so hard to help me realize our vision. She is a true artist when it comes to spaces and there is no way I could have don’t this on my own. Also a big thank you to all the brands that collaborated to make our dreams a reality. Anne and I are gearing up for our next project together: Living Room, Dining Room, and Entry Ways. I can not wait to continue our design visions together. One room at a time. Hope you guys loved this recap and more interior inspo coming to you soon. Head over to MyDomaine HERE to read more about our redesign and hear from Anne and I on how we envisioned the space coming to life. verellen bed + custom Crypton fabric  / rough linen sheets + runner / serena & lily black pillow / lulu & georgia end tables / high fashion home sconce / citizen atelier feather prints framed by framebridge / lulu & georgia bench / boconcept hide / crate & barrel bud vase / room & board mirror / kalon studios stool / crate and barrel slim vase / lumens fan / jaipur living rug / room & board dresser / crate & barrel marble vase / Little Market Bowl / all modern lamp / accompany peace sign throw / Bernhardt chair with JF Fabrics Crypton Home / crate and barrel kiwi bird / west elm side table / Little Market Window Pillows / Little Market Baskets / Hunter Douglas Silhouette Window Treatments shop bedroom: Turn on your JavaScript to view content Photography by Monica Wang     You might also like... 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