Otis’ Baby Nursery Closet

November 02, 2018


eatsleepwear, Kimberly Lapides, OTIS, Family, Nursery, Baby, California Closets Excited to share our nursery closet for Otis! Flashback to those pregnant belly days. If you saw the before of this closet… you would know why we redid it. Awful old carpet, sagging shelves and more. It was not in any shape for baby boy’s room. After creating my dream walk in closet for myself, I knew I would need to partner with California Closets again to bring my babies nursery to life. Since I was going for a neutral modern design vibe for the actual room and decor, I wanted to give this closet the same modern feel. Even though it’s for baby doesn’t mean it can’t have a really elevated feel. I wanted it to be crisp and white like my master closet. Another big element was making sure that the system would grown with him. So the shelves and poles are easily moveable and adjustable for when his clothes start growing along with him. I love the combination of both concealed drawers as well as some fun bins that are canvas lined to add a little bit of texture into the space. Also, can you even deal with all this tiny baby stuff?!?!? We were so lucky to get baby boy hand me downs from a few friends which helped us fill out our closet for Otis. I obviously don’t always hang onesies now but it was great to be able to hang things to see their sizing and get myself organized before I had a dresser in his room. The closet was the first thing we finished in the nursery. This allowed me to wash all of his clothes, blankets, swaddles, and linens ahead of time and once everything was clean and washed, it would be hung or folded and put into the closet. I had everything waiting to be washed inside the crib. This was a great system to help me get organized. After gathering all my clothes and linens and organizing them inside the closet, I had some open spaces which I filled with some baskets I picked up from the World Market. These helped me organize all the cute stuffed animals, toys, teethers, etc. Also I started a little collection of Little Market stuffed animals because they are SO soft and love all their neutral options. I actually bought a monkey from them during the holidays a few years ago for our future baby and hid it away in a drawer… and now finally I could pull it out. These moments are so special for me. Such an emotional process prepping for Otis’ arrival. Being able to create such a magical space for him to grow up was such a beautiful experience for me. I can’t tell you how much I love this little closet space we created for Otis. California Closets you guys are so amazing!!! Obsessed with this space. I am FINALLY also planning for our shoot of the entire nursery this month. Can’t wait to share the rest of the space with you all. And at least now Otis can show you himself