Lola’s Holiday Wishlist

December 21, 2017


eatsleepwear, Kimberly Lapides, Lola, Furbo, Holidays, Gift, Pets I can literally FEEL the holidays creeping up and if anyone has any last minute shopping to do, I have a great idea for you. If you don’t already know, Blake and I are slightly obsessed with our dog (and cats!) and we have cameras all over the inside of our house (4 to be exact) to monitor all animal activity. Since we travel a lot we love to be able to keep tabs of our fur fam. When we aren’t traveling and just headed to dinner in our home town, we still always check in on our loved ones especially little Lola to make sure all is well. Raise your hand if you are equally all about keeping tabs on your fur friends? So I have seen a bunch of my dog mom friends recently get Furbo Dog Camera and have been dying to try it. I was excited that they wanted to partner and let me test drive a camera and experience it with Lola. One of my favorite parts of this camera is that it can toss treats to your pet. UM HELLO GENIUS! Will share more on that in a few. The Furbo was very easy to set up. Plug it in, download the app, and connect to wifi. I love anything that is quick and easy. You pour your treats in the top and secure the lid and you are ready to go. What is nice is that when you go into the app, you can see, talk and toss treats to your fur baby. I love being able to talk to her and let her know a tasty treat is coming her way. You can also set up real-time updates and get notified with different types of dog activity like a “Dog Selfie Alert.” Once I showed Lola that this magical camera threw treats out to enjoy, let’s just say we get a lot of selfie alerts now because Lola starts sniffing Furbo to see if the treats are coming. After the first day using it, Blake and I were out at a holiday dinner and decided to try it out. We showed all our friends how we could check in on Lola and toss her some treats. It was a big hit at the party. Honestly, we all love our animals so much and it’s amazing devices like this one that allow us to always keep an eye on them and feel connected. Call me a crazy dog mom if you want, but I think you kind of think this is awesome too. All in all, I would recommend this as a great last minute gift buy for the pet lover in your life. I actually plan on bringing my Furbo with us on our trip to Big Bear with our friends and their pups. I know they are going to all be obsessed. For a limited time, get your Furbo for just $169 and plus an extra $15 off with the code “FURBOKIM” just click HERE. This post is sponsored by Furbo. Big thank you for supporting all eat/sleep/wear collabs. You might also like... Gifts for Four-legged Friends Stocking Stuffers For Your Pup Lola’s Fiesta Lola My Love Raw Love