Holiday Twins

December 22, 2017


eatsleepwear, Kimberly Lapides, HOME, Holidays, Dog, Pet, Holiday So it’s very clear that I love my dog to a very high level. Lola has been the best addition to our family and she brings such endless joy to both our family, and people she meets. Obviously I love my cats to a crazy level also but Lola puts up with me dressing her up. American Eagle always has the freaking cutest winter pup gear and I always try to scoop them up before they sell out. FYI this is not sponsored I just love their stuff SO MUCH. I mean… can you even handle the cuteness of Lola and I in matching sweaters?!?!?!?! It might just be me being a crazy in love dog mom… but… I hope this puts a smile on your face today. I am so excited for a relaxing weekend staying cozy by my tree, sipping hot chocolate, and watching every holiday movie I can find. We have some friends coming to down so we will out and about too. It’s going to be the best and most needed time off. Glad to take the opportunity to slow down, and be thankful for my family and friends. Hope everyone uses the holidays to slow down and find your gratitude going into the new year. For anyone that celebrates Christmas, wishing everyone a beautiful holiday together. Have a great weekend. Lola’s sweater: american eagle / Lola’s hat: american eagle my sweater: american eagle (it’s sold out!) / jeans: ag jeans shop cute dog clothes: Turn on your JavaScript to view content You might also like... Lola’s Holiday Wishlist Gifts for Four-legged Friends Stocking Stuffers For Your Pup Raw Love Holiday Gifting