Samsung Connect Home

November 30, 2017

Could I Have That

Sponsored by Samsung Connect Home, all opinions are my own. While I didn’t make any major improvements or changes to our home this year, I did strive to make things a little more organized, zen and streamlined. After all, a home should feel like a sanctuary, or at least parts of it—toddler rooms are another story. While I attacked cupboards, junk drawers and our pantry, one place I couldn’t quite simplify on my own was our overall plethora of technology and growing collection of remotes, one of my pet peeves. So when Samsung reached out to me with an offer to try out their new Samsung Connect Home, I was eager to learn more about it and actually put it to use in our home.   So what is it? Connect Home is the only whole-home Wi-Fi system that also works as a SmartThings Hub. Translation: you can download their Connect App and control all of your smart home gadgets from the palm of your hand – with one app, through corner to corner Wi-Fi. Yes Please. My initial thought was, this sounds like a set-up process but I was so pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get up and running AND how sleek and small the system is. It’s been over two weeks using Samsung Connect Home and I’m not sure how we lived without it. Expandable Wi-Fi. This caught my attention right away. Even though we have a fairly small house, we still get spots that seem to be dead areas or “slow.” We tried having an office in our garage a couple years back and the internet was nearly impossible to use, this would have been an amazing solution! Each router has a range of 1,500 square feet coverage and you can have up to 5 Samsung Connect Home routers giving you 7,500 square feet of mesh coverage.  There’s no limit to where I can sit with a good e-book or catch up on some pinning. I even sat on our patio and had great connection. But the best part is how Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi and App make my life easier with all the different smart devices we have around the house—Nest and Amazon Alexa. I can control everything from the app, instead of having to do it from different places. Lastly, one thing my over-protective dad asked about when we showed him our new Wi-Fi system was the security of it. Samsung Connect Home has an integrated network certification, so don’t worry dad, it comes with hardware-based security technologies and includes updates so all your devices are secure. How about you? Have you had the same Wi-Fi problems? Would love to hear how Connect Home would make your life at home more streamlined. Photography by Jacqueline Pilar