Reinvent Giving: Special Delivery

November 17, 2017

Could I Have That

During the Holidays we can easily get wrapped up in what tangible gifts we’re getting and giving. This year HP invited me to be part of their reinvent giving campaign that focuses on the impactful act of kindness. While it doesn’t come with a bow, giving or receiving something that is unexpected and selfless is what the Holiday spirit is all about. A moment in time that I will never forget left me with that feeling of wonder and thanks that inspired this project.  Exactly 18 years ago, just before Thanksgiving, I had spinal surgery for scoliosis—my spine was shaped like an “s”. From about age 9 to 14 I had to wear a back brass to correct my curve but when it got so bad surgery was the only answer moving forward. So at 15 I had to put on a brave face and check out of school for about 4 months. It was a slow and steady recovery afterwards (standing up 2 inches taller was interesting, ha) and for the first few weeks I was bedridden. Aside from watching movies, the only other thing that brightened my day was when a friend came to visit. Pretty soon my room was filled with flowers from people and it made me feel so comforted and loved. When HP sent me their new HP Spectre x360 and Pen to use for a Pay it Forward project, I immediately thought of this time of my life and new exactly what I wanted to do. Here in Santa Barbara there’s a brand new facility for cancer patients called Ridley-Tree Cancer Center. I drive past it on a weekly basis and think about those who are in the trenches of fighting for their health. So I decided to make flower arrangements with tags I created on my HP Spectre x360 and delivered them to the check-in desk where they were displayed for those visiting or going to an appointment to take. I chose baby daisies with lots of greenery as a nod to the season and wrapped each arrangement with a hand-died silk ribbon. I printed the tag I created on my HP Spectre x360 and Pen using the inking capability and framed it on a heavy piece of soft ivory card stock. Thank you to HP for supporting this post and amazing project // Photography by Jacqueline Pilar.