August 12, 2017


This summer, I decided to stay in France in order to spend time with my friends and family between Biarritz and le Cap Ferret. The most simple moments are the best.Reuniting with my friends, we reminisced about past memories, imagined our future projects and laughed, simply enjoying our time together. During these special moments, the most exquisite products are always necessary. So this time we decided to try the Mo√ęt Ice Imperial. A fruity Champagne that combines fruits such as mango, nectarine, raspberry and the sweetness of caramel and quince jelly, this perfect drink is complete with just three cubes of ice. We enjoyed an amazing night planning our future adventures, especially those that involved more Moet momentslike this one. @moetchandon, #moetmoment, #moetchandon in collaboration with Moet & Chandon